Slash Puppet Frontman Co-Stars With Gina Gershon In New Movie


May 13, 2008

Slash Puppet frontman Mif co-stars with Gina Gershon in a new movie entitled Just Business. Directed by Jonathan Dueck, the film is a dark suspense thriller with a Dorian Gray-esque plot in that central to the story line is a mysterious painting or portrait that has value beyond ordinary currency!

In his largest film role to date, Mif plays ‘Tony Bloom’, a butler extraordinaire, to the lead character ‘David Gray’, a rich socialite who is famous for his collection of art and other rarities, played by fellow Canadian actor Jonathan Watton, Mr. Gray has the aforementioned portrait stolen from his mansion while hosting a huge social soiree and during the ensuing police investigation it is believed that the job fits the billing of a former career thief named ‘Eli Perla’ (played by another Canadian actor Earl Pastko), a recently retired cat burglar who has succumbed to the temptation of one final score!

The story twists and turns its way, mysteriously, right into the lap of Eli Perla’s distraught lawyer daughter ‘Marty Jameson’, played by the very talented and beautiful Gina Gershon. Desperate to reclaim his prized possession, Gray approaches Marty suggesting that her father, who has since disappeared, will turn up as soon as the stolen artwork is recovered. She begrudgingly accepts the offer to help him locate the art, but all is not as it seems as there are several surprises in store!

“I am genuinely excited about the prospects of the film as it pertains to my portrayal of Tony Bloom,” stated Mif in a January 21, 2008 interview with Sleaze Roxx, “as this marks my largest role to date in a movie, and my character is a pivotal character full of mystery, deviance and surprising authority, especially for just a butler!”

The film also stars Canadian actors Zachary Bennett and John Robinson and the DVD will be officially released internationally later on this month, but can now be pre-ordered online at these locations,,, and

A trailer of the film can be found at this location. Full release details will be revealed soon.

In other news, Slash Puppet’s legacy is as strong as ever in the wake of the September 2007 release of the remixed demo album entitled ‘No Strings Attached.’ The CD, which found its way onto the Sleaze Roxx Top 10 Albums Of 2007 list, recently sold for the staggering price of $102.50 on eBay! Luckily fans can buy the album online for a reasonable price at Suncity Records.

Slash Puppet Mif Just Business

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