Slash Puppet reunion was in the works last year but only one rehearsal came out of it

Slash Puppet reunion was in the works last year but only one rehearsal came out of it

Former Slash Puppet frontman and professional actor Anthony Mifsud was recently interviewed by Ball-Buster Music and was asked about his musical projects including a possible Slash Puppet reunion. Canadian rockers Slash Puppet released one self-titled album in 1993 before being swept by the grunge wave. They later released the album No Strings Attached in 2007, which was a collection of some of the band’s early material.

In terms of whether we can expect another My Insane Friends album from him, Mifsud advised: “Yes, you can expect a few more releases under the band moniker of My Insane Friends. As I mentioned earlier, I have an impressive collection of songs that have never been heard before by the general public, both new and vintage that I have recorded with various artists throughout the years. It is an eclectic collection most of which falls within the confines of the hard rock genre but indeed varies in styles. For this and a variety of other pragmatic reasons, I have decided to continue to use this band name for future releases (other than those associated with Slash Puppet) as this best convey and denotes my current scenario as a Musical Artist. A variety of songs, in a variety of styles that have been written and recorded with a variety of “My Insane Friends”…how more apropos?”

In terms of the rumours of a Slash Puppet reunion being in the works, Mifsud indicated: “All I can say about that is what I have said before in many other interviews. I am a “never say never” kind of guy, and if the opportunity ever arises where the members of Slash Puppet wanted to try and get back together for a few shows or a tour, I would welcome it! The truth of the matter is that about a year ago we did try as there were some discussion and overtures made to me about some shows with Alice Cooper and a couple of Festivals. My idea was to involve all the Members who were in the band (including both Bass Players) as I have no problem whatsoever of jumping back up on stage with any of those guys or variation thereof. It was only one rehearsal, and it sounded great, and we’ll leave it at that.”

Slash Puppet‘s “When The Whip Comes Down” video:

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