Slash Puppet’s oft-delayed compilation album ‘Studs & Gems’ about to be released

Slash Puppet’s oft-delayed compilation album ‘Studs & Gems’ about to be released

It appears that Canadian rockers Slash Puppet‘s compilation album Studs & Gems will finally be seeing the light of day. The compilation album was first announced about two years ago¬†and has been delayed for various reasons including the Covid pandemic. Slash Puppet have released what appears to be a new slightly different cover for the upcoming Studs & Gems.

MIF Entertainment‘s press release indicates in part (with slight edits):

MIF Entertainment is proud to release the cover artwork for the much anticipated Slash Puppet compilation CD “Studs & Gems” with the following announcement:

On Thursday, October 19, 1989 a little known band by the name of Slash Puppet hit the stage at the now legendary Rock ‘N’ Roll Heaven in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to a capacity crowd and laid a musical foundation that continues to resonate with fans the world over until this very day!!!

On this, the 32nd Anniversary of that inaugural show we would like to announce that after many months of unfortunate setbacks and delays the band’s long awaited compilation CD entitled “Studs & Gems” is finally here!!!

This will be a Limited Edition CD featuring a compilation of the band’s best songs and a limited quantity will be made available for pre-order first and foremost to Slash Puppet fans here in Canada, the United States and internationally within the next couple of weeks!!!

Further ordering details to follow!!!”

Slash Puppet‘s “Slow Down” video: