Slash Reveals Working Titles Of New Songs


April 24, 2009

Guitarist Slash has issued his latest weekly update regarding his upcoming solo album.

“Hey, I hope everybody is doing well, these are some pretty harsh times we’re experiencing at present. But, I feel optimistic that things are going to get better in relatively short order. I have faith in our new president, especially after 8 years of having absolutely no faith in the last one whatsoever. Obama seems to be on the path to righteousness, I guess we’ll just have to watch and wait.

Anyway, hard at work in the studio, we are 6 tracks into it and it sounds really great, great playing and super killer tones, not to mention stellar vocals so far. I’m still not at liberty to publically divulge any singer’s names, but trust me, they’re amazing. I know a lot of you out there know who at least some of them are.

I will however, give you working titles for a couple songs; “We’re All Gonna Die” is one, “These Last Words” is another. There is one song called “Crucify The Dead” and another called “Beautiful, Dangerous”. We have about 8 songs left to record and I’m really excited about every one.

On the Velvet Revolver front, not a whole lot news to report singerwise , which is a drag. But, this is one of those situations where just when you’re ready to give up, something great happens. So, we’re hanging in there until then, no matter what.

That seems to be all that’s fit to update, other then I missed Jeff Beck 2 nights in a row this week, which is a bummer. I did record some bitchin’ guitar stuff instead though………but still.

Ok boys and girls, gotta go, see you next week.” – Slash

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