Slash Set To Release More Live CDs

Slash Set To Release More Live CDs

September 18, 2010

Abbey Road Live are going to offer the LIVE CDs for SLASH’S Performance at the NORVA on the 18th for an incredible $20 USD. This is a FULL $10 off of the regular price. Get it while you can at

AUSSIE SPECIAL! Abbey Road Live have put a “three-pack” of all three Australian shows on sale for $75 AUD (about $70 US).

Remember, Abbey Road Live have the live show CD sets for sale for much of the US tour and Australia as well! Limited edition, high-quality, and fully mixed and mastered.

MORE SHOWS BEING RECORDED: In support of our Canadian fans (and by popular demand), Abbey Road Live have put Vancouver, September 30 and October 1st, up for sale, as well as for our LA fans, Hollywood, October 5th and 6th! Pre-order these soon as they will go quickly at

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