Slash’s Arcade Rocker iPhone App Now Available

Slash’s Arcade Rocker iPhone App Now Available

August 7, 2010

Slash's Arcade Rocker iPhone App Now AvailableOver the past few months, Slash has been working with Ultimate-Guitar on his very own game, Slash’s Arcade Rocker. The app is available now on iTunes. It features a music/rhythm game based on songs from Slash’s latest album, and also allows you to import songs from your own library. As part of the app, you’ll get direct access to Slash’s latest blogs, tour dates and news found on

Slash Arcade Rocker is the ultimate Slash fan tool – it combines an innovative music/rhythm game featuring music from Slash’s new album together with the direct access to Slash’s official website providing access to the latest news, blog, tour dates and other exclusive content from Slash’s official site.

Arcade Rocker is a groundbreaking music/rhythm App in the spirit of Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Tap Tap Revenge, and Slash Arcade Rocker is a version customized for the Slash fan. It comes pre-loaded with three songs that you can tap along with – “By The Sword” featuring Andrew Stockdale, “Watch This” featuring Dave Grohl and Duff McKagan and “Doctor Alibi” featuring Lemmy Kilmister.

In addition, you can play along with practically any Slash recording that you already have in your personal music collection so you can rock out with YOUR music collection.

Game Features:
. Listen to an available Slash recording from your collection while simultaneously tapping along with the recording’s rhythm.
. Three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard.
. Earn points by tapping accurately: The more notes you hit and the longer you go without making a mistake, the higher your score. You can also earn score multipliers during the game and extra points by using the whammy bar/vibrato arm for style points.
. Super Power: During gameplay you will see special, star-shaped notes. If you hit them, you’ll get Special Powers that will advance your score.
. Arcade Rocker Website Integration: The App allows you to register for and post your scores to the Arcade Rocker website ( so you can share your scores and interact with other players. If you already have an Arcade Rocker account and have been playing on the website, you can integrate your existing website account with your Arcade Rocker App.

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