Slaughter Vocalist Joins Super Star Project


March 31, 2009

Slaughter vocalist Mark Slaughter has signed on to supply guest vocals on the upcoming Super Star CD. More information on the project can be found at

The CD, tentatively titled “Serenity”, is a concept CD that is now in the works by Rock Star and Super Star. The idea for this special and unique project came from the thought that this story was so compelling and so inspirational, that its message must be communicated to as many people as possible. “The reality is that there are many people who would rather listen to music than read a book,” says Super Star. So with that knowledge, the twins took the initiative and are now currently in the process of scoring a music CD based on the struggles of the addict as well as their family members. They have hired producer Bob Kulick to produce and help tell their story and are bringing a variety of guest musicians along for the ride. All proceeds earned from this venture will go towards the We Are One foundation.

Kris Kancler (Super Star) stated, “Met with Mark Slaughter today. Wow, did we pick the right person for the job on our forthcoming CD. This guy has been outspoken from the very beginning about how awful drugs can be to oneself. He will be singing three tracks on our CD and will represent Rock Star’s character. His attitude and commitment, AND ideas to help promote our CD are very inspiring. So glad we have him on board!”

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