Sleaze rockers Erotic Psycho working on new songs one year after release of debut EP

Sleaze rockers Erotic Psycho working on new songs one year after release of debut EP

Spain based sleaze rockers Erotic Psycho are working on new material about one year after the release of their debut EP Sex You Up! The sleaze rockers are signed to the label Demon Doll Records.

Erotic Psycho photoErotic Psycho‘s bio on their website states how the original band members met and also speaks to the one line-up change:

“The origin of the Hard Rock/Sleazy band Erotic Psycho is a series of coincidences which stated when Jay Martino (guitars), who came from the Italian Sleazy/Glam scene (Street Avenue), got to Spain, specifically Valencia, chasing Spanish girls. There, he came across Nado Saints (vocals), who had been devoted to SEX and DRUGS for years, and was looking for people to set up a band with and unleash the third part of the equation, ROCK ‘N’ ROLL.

Soon after, and quite by chance, they met Frost Moore (drums), who was playing in the Celtic Rock band Leukoners and, from the very first moment, they realized that Frost‘s way of playing drums, his looks, his attitude and his heart were pure heard rock dynamite, so they joined forces.

At that point only one element was missing in order to close the circle: a bass player with attitude. Jay remembered a guy he knew who fitted completely. Lokki (bass), a sleazy motherfucker from the Alicante scene. The only problem was that he was already playing in the hard rock band Gang Bang 66. However, when Lokki got the phone call from Jay, the former, coincidentally again, had just considered that band finished and accepted the invitation…

In late 2015 Jay Martino has to leave the band due to his personal situation and is replaced by Yamil Zaidan, a young and talented guitar played from Madrid, who brings a breath of fresh air and means a new energy injection to the band.”

Erotic Psycho-Lost Boyz (Official Videoclip) © (2014)

Erotic Psycho – Psycho MF 2015