Sleaze Roxx’s Ten Great Songs from 2016 (thus far)

Sleaze Roxx’s Ten Great Songs from 2016 (thus far)

Sleaze Roxx Ten Great Songs posterAs noted a few days ago on Sleaze Roxx‘s Facebook page, Sleaze Roxx has surpassed its all-time high of 181 CD/DVD reviews (set last year) in the first seven months of 2016! This is great news, thanks to all the dedicated Sleaze Roxx contributors who love great music. Finding solid albums from Poland to Brazil; London, England to London, Canada; and sharing them around the world is one of the things that Sleaze Roxx definitely enjoys doing. Sure, there has been loads of stuff we didn’t like, but separating the wheat from the chaff is what we’re all about.

As most Sleaze Roxx readers know, Sleaze Roxx celebrates what it considers to be the top ten albums of the year. Sleaze Roxx readers also get the opportunity to voice out what are their favorite albums each year and last year, the most prolific Sleaze Roxx contributors also had the chance to voice their opinion in that regard. But what happens to the band or artist that releases a great song but the rest of the album might not be at the same level? That song would likely not get the recognition it deserves on one of Sleaze Roxx‘s year-end best of album lists. Accordingly, I have combined forces with Sleaze Roxx editor Olivier to come up with Sleaze Roxx‘s Ten Great Songs from 2016 (thus far). The first five songs are my picks followed by Olivier‘s five picks. It was very difficult coming up with only ten songs so there is no doubt that many great songs have been omitted. One caveat is that even if a band’s song appears on the list below does not necessarily mean that we find that all of the songs on the rest of the album in question are all on the same level.

Metal Mike

So, in no particular order, here we go!

Metal Mike:

KAATO-Press-ReleaseKAATO’s song “High Time”

Album: KAATO
Released: July 4, 2016

KAATO are a new band from Sydney, Australia by way of Nashville, Tennessee, USA who caught my attention right away when I heard the song “High Time.” I commented as follows in my Sleaze Roxx review of KAATO‘s self-titled debut album: “To be honest, I ran across KAATO by accident. Their new single “High Time” popped up on my YouTube feed, so I gave it a shot. Even before the song was over, I was contacting Lowney for more information about the band. As he told me, he’s “been dying to release this for months”, and I can see why.” Singer Kurt Lowney got back to me right away, and the affable Australian and I had a great chat about the album and music in general. KAATO will be a band to watch in the future.


‘HIGH TIME’ from the Self Titled Album KAATOMusic and Lyrics Lowney/MalloyRecorded Mixed,Mastered @ Malloy Master Tracks Nashville KAATO is Social :https://w…

The Last Vegas CD coverThe Last Vegas’ song “Bloodthirsty”

Album: Eat Me
Released: March 18, 2016

Several Sleaze Roxx contributors saw The Last Vegas live, and were ultimately blown away by their musicianship and professionalism. The Sleaze Roxx review for The Last Vegas‘ latest album stated: “What Eat Me has in common is that all compositions swing with rock-steady percussion, assorted chunky guitar riffs, and multiple choruses amid dramatic start-stops throughout the record. With Eat Me, the band has confidently branched out from the shadows of being another “’80s rock” band and now own their matured sound.” The Last Vegas‘ track “Bloodthirsty” really sets the album Eat Me’s tone and captures the band’s aggressiveness.

THE LAST VEGAS – Bloodthirsty (2016) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

THE LAST VEGAS – Bloodthirsty (2016) // official clip // AFM RecordsTaken from the album “Eat Me”, to be released March 18th!Subscribe to AFM Records here: h…

snakebiteSnakebite’s song “Leavin’ Tonight”

Album: Snakebite
Released: July 22, 2016

I recently discovered the Polish band Snakebite who blew me away. In my Sleaze Roxx review of Snakebite‘s self-titled album, I stated: “Poland’s Snakebite caught me unexpectedly. The album Snakebite could have been recorded in 1989 (or ’91 for the second half) and I wouldn’t know the difference. It’s flat out gritty rock & roll that gets nastier the further you get into the record.” I also commented specifically on the song “Leaving’ Tonight” by stating: “‘Leavin’ Tonight’ offers even more great stuff that is right out of the ’80s contemporary hard rock songbook.” Of note, “Leavin’ Tonight” is the second single from Snakebite, which follows the release of the first single “Staying Away.”

– YouTube

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nitrovilleNitroville’s song “Louisiana Bone”

Album: Cheating The Hangman
Released: March 23, 2016

In my Sleaze Roxx review of Nitroville‘s second studio album, I stated: “Cheating The Hangman is seriously infused with Southern US style hard rock. From the guitars, to the lyrical references, even a blues influenced lead vocal, this album rocks. As their public relations kit states, “It burns more brightly than a NASCAR pit lane fire.” With respect to the song “Louisiana Bone”, I stated in my review: “The first official release is “Louisiana Bone” which is a solid blues-rock number that sets the stage for all of Cheating The Hangman. I love Tola Lamont’s vocals, which fits in with the music perfectly and she captures the sleaze of [MichaelBoeck’s guitar playing. The back end never gets enough credit, but bassist Steve Parsons and drummer Cyro Zuzi have it covered. There is a feel to this album that is obviously hard to describe. You just know when you’ve hit upon something good.”

Nitroville – Louisiana Bone (Official Music Video)

“Louisiana Bone” is taken from the album “Cheating The Hangman”, out 25th of March on Mighty Music on CD and LP.

love and a 38Love & A .38’s song “Oh My God”

Album: Nomads
Released: February 19, 2016

In my Sleaze Roxx review of Love & A .38‘s album Nomads, I commented: “Hitting play on Love And A .38‘s album Nomads for the first time, it seems there might be something good to what they’re saying. The production is a little suspect as the drums sound flat and the guitars could be pumped up a bit. Never mind that though, this album is good. The first song on the album, and the first single is “Oh My God.” Starting with a military beat and a good stomp rhythm, the song produces. “Oh My God” is a very good representation of what this record is all about, so if you like this song, you’ll most likely enjoy the whole record.” I can’t help singing “I’m In the Garage, Oh My God,” in the back of my head… like all the time… when I’m in a garage.

Love and a .38 – Oh My God – Official Music Video

Official Music video for “Oh My God” by Love and a .38Off of the album “Nomads” – out February 19th 2016Directed by Corey HudsonAvailable on itunes: http://a…


Evilyn Strange CD coverEvilyn Strange’s song “Invisible”

Album: Evilution
Released: March 7, 2016

When Metal Mike suggested to me that Sleaze Roxx should do some sort of top ten songs for 2016 and that each of us would pick five songs, I automatically thought of Evilyn Strange‘s song “Invisible Man” because I have always thought that the track was head and shoulders above the rest of the group’s offering on its five-song EP Evilution. In my Sleaze Roxx review of Evilyn Strange‘s EP Evilution, I stated: “The expression “jack of all trades, master of none” is in some ways applicable to Evilyn Strange given that their five-song EP Evilution covers a lot of ground from slow moody ballads to thrash like speedy deliveries without truly excelling on each extreme. However, where Evilyn Strange may well have mastered their craft is when it comes to playing mid-tempo rockers. I am thinking specifically of the song “Invisible Man” which has so much feel and melody and oooohh, sounds so good! If every song on Evilution was as good as “Invisible Man” — this album would have to be a contender for album of the year.”

Evilyn Strange ‘Invisible Man’

Penned by singer Phillip Strange and guitarist Mikael Johannesson, ‘Invisible Man’ is taken off the Evilyn Strange EP ‘Evilution’ release date : March 7th, 2…

Love Razer photoLöve Razër’s song “First Class Bitch”

Album: Rock ‘N’ Roll Addiction
Released: April 23, 2016

The one other song that immediately popped to my mind in terms of standout songs released in 2016 is Löve Razër‘s “First Class Bitch” which is really the epitome of what sleaze rock is all about. In my Sleaze Roxx review of Löve Razër‘s debut three-song EP Rock ‘N’ Roll Addiction, I stated: “If you like sleaze rock in the vein of the classic songs from L.A. Guns, Guns N’ Roses, Faster Pussycat and Mötley Crüe, not only are you going to like Löve Razër‘s debut EP, odds are you are going to love it just like I do.” In terms of the song “Fist Class Bitch,” I commented as follows in my review: “The intro music to “First Class Bitch” reminds me a lot of the melodies and music on Last Call Messiahs‘ self-titled debut EP before Löve Razër put their own stamp on the song.”

Löve Razër – First Class Bitch (Official Music Video)


Femme Fatale CD coverFemme Fatale’s song “Lady In Waiting”

Album: One More For The Road
Released: May 10, 2016

You may have noticed that Femme Fatale‘s song “Lady In Waiting” dates back to likely 1989 and even the YouTube below seems to have been posted three years ago. So what is this song doing in Sleaze Roxx‘s Ten Great Songs from 2016 (thus far)? Well, Femme Fatale‘s long lost second album Lady In Waiting (now called One More For The Road) was finally released more than 25 years after it was recorded. In reality, One More For The Road consists of a night of hot and sizzling demos that Femme Fatale did more than 25 years ago in anticipation of the follow up to their self-titled debut album, which never materialized. The track “Lady In Waiting” presents a harder edged Femme Fatale and one that will take you back instantly to the glory days of the Sunset Strip!

Femme Fatale – Lady In Waiting

Taken From The Single 1989

Twisted CD coverTwisted’s song “Roll The Dice”

Album: Dancin’ On Chaos
Released: April 2016

The truth is I could have easily chosen either the song “What Comes Around” or “Give Me Hell” off Twisted‘s five-song EP Dancin’ On Chaos but since I can only pick one song from theirs, I will go with “Roll The Dice.” In my Sleaze Roxx review of Twisted‘s EP Dancin’ On Chaos, I stated: “I am actually a little shocked that Twisted did not shoot a video for one of the last two tracks on their five-song EP Dancin’ On Chaos because “Roll The Dice” and “What Comes Around” are very catchy, melodic without sounding wimpy, and ditch the modern inclinations of the first two songs. I like those two tracks so much that I am always thinking how the songs will simply keep getting better and better — and they do — when I start listening to the Dancin’ On Chaos EP. I really hope that Twisted concentrate in the future on playing tracks similar to “Roll The Dice” and “What Comes Around” because a few more of those and I would have likely included their Dancin’ On Chaos EP in the upcoming Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2016.”


Dancin’ On Chaos (Demon Doll Records, 2016) Pruduced, Mixed and Recorded by Philip DeVille Performed by TWISTED: -Philip DeVille (Lead Vocals, Additional Guitars) -Bob J.

Ultraviolence posterUltraviolence’s “One More Drink”

Unreleased track

I am going to stretch the rules a little bit for my last pick and choose a song that has never been released as far as I know and that was performed by a now defunct Canadian band a number of years ago. The song’s only tie to 2016 is that I “discovered” the song less than a month ago prior to attending a Steel Panther concert courtesy of my friend Mark from Waterloo. After hearing Ultraviolence‘s four-song Filthy Dirty Drunk N Roll EP for the first time, I set out to discover more about the band only to find out that it had apparently disbanded more than five years ago. Luckily, there were some remnants of the band via YouTube including nine songs that the group played during a gig at Maxwell’s in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada on May 28, 2010. Ultraviolence‘s apparent last song of the night was “One More Drink” which showed the uncanny ability of the band’s singer Turi to “recruit” (or perhaps force) audience member to participate and get into the show a lot more than what they had expected to be doing. I also include an unplugged shorter rendition from Ultraviolence of “One More Drink” in case that you are not up to waiting for Turi to recruit seemingly all of the audience to participate in singing the song in the live rendition below.

UltraViolence – 09. One More Drink – Live @ Maxwell’s, Waterloo 05-28-10 * UltraViolence – 09. One More Drink – Live @ Maxwell’s, Waterloo 05-28-10

“One More Drink!” (Unplugged)

A canoe-stick version of the smash hit of the Summer! Drink Beers! Drink Bourbon! Drink !@#$%^&*()