Sleazer Streaming “Coming To Get You” On Sleaze Roxx

Sleazer Streaming “Coming To Get You” On Sleaze Roxx

April 21, 2013

Sleazer have teamed up with Sleaze Roxx to bring you their new single “Coming To Get You”.

The band’s first EP, ‘Coming To Get You’, contains 4 tracks that explore all of their influences, from Led Zeppelin inspired riffs on “Into The Madhouse” to the bluesy and obscure arrangements on “Crazy Gemini” to the exploding power chords and big riffs on “Ccoming To Get You” and “Dirty Love”. For a limted time the EP can be downloaded for free at

Sleazer was born in Costa Rica to breath new life into a scene saturated with extreme metal. The hard rock fans formed in a rehearsal room and decided to show people in Central America how hard rock should be played. Inspired by ’80s hair metal and early ’90s sleaze metal, Sleazer has emerged as the only band of its kind in Costa Rica.

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