Sleazy RoXxX unveil video for new single “Never Too Late” from upcoming album ‘Trinity Junction’

Sleazy RoXxX unveil video for new single “Never Too Late” from upcoming album ‘Trinity Junction’

Czech sleaze rockers Sleazy RoXxX consisting of band founder and bassist Jan Vandervell, lead vocalist Peter Duff, guitarist Rodney Dee and drummer Vinnie Cage have unveiled a video for the first single titled “Never Too Late” from their upcoming new studio album Trinity Junction, which was previously slated for release on June 3, 2022.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Sleazy RoXxX‘s previous album Topless Suicide back in 2016:

“What a difference a new singer, guitarist and drummer will do! Can you even consider a band to still be “that” band when three fourths of the group has been replaced? Similar to Slovenian rockers Tomcat where bassist Šujo cleaned house so to speak, Czech rockers Sleazy RoXxX‘s bassist Jan Vandervell did a major overhaul to the band’s line-up given that he is the lone man standing from the sleaze rockers’ previous album Dangerous Obsession, which was released only two and a half years ago.

The weak link on Sleazy RoXxX‘s previous album Dangerous Obssession was lead vocalist Lee Glambert whose singing on the slower tracks was tough to listen to. This time around, Sleazy RoXxX have a singer that can seemingly handle anything with lead vocalist Paulie Weston. The rest of the band is solid as well with newcomers Vinnie Cage (drums) and James Dinner (guitar) gelling well with Vandervell.”

Sleazy RoXxX have once again made some changes to their line-up as Weston and Dinner have been replaced respectively by Duff and Dee.

Sleazy RoXxX‘s “Never Too Late” video: