Slither Rocks Online Magazine Issue #2 Now Available


April 20, 2009

Slither Productions has created Slither Rocks, an online music magazine to showcase the vast amount of talentwe have found while working in the Entertainment Industry. We are dedicated to bring you newartists as well as keep you updated on where some of your favorites are.

As promised, this issue introduces a new section called “Where Are They Now”, Jay Cooper takesyou back to some of the greatest days of Rock n’ Roll. Your favorites from Warrant, FireHouseand Steel Panthers. Be warned Steel Panther interview is adult content for sure and NOT suited foranyone under the age of 18, but it is entertaining beyond belief, Rock it out with some of the hero’sfrom the past, check in to see what they are doing now. They still rock.

Cheery Pie, wow what a blast from thepast. Join Jay Cooper while he talks toJoey Allen of Warrant. The guys are alllooking great and still playing. Joey talksabout their experiences and thehighlights as a musician. Click here forthe interview…

Still going strong, check in with Bill Leverty and see where he is now. Jay Coopertalks to Bill about Firehouse and his amazing success as a musician. Takes usback to the favorite tunes from Don’t Treat Me Bad to Love of a Lifetime….Click here to hear your fav tunes from the past and Jay’s interview.

Steel Panther – ADULT CONTENT in this lively interview!
Talk about entertaining, Jay Cooper had the pleasure to interview StixZadinia and talk about their interesting style of music, this is an interviewthat is guaranteed to keep you laughing and intrigued from start to finish.Click here if you are sure you can handle it. If you are under 18 ask MOM.

Don’t forget to keep checking back for next issues, we launch a new issue the middle of eachmonth. Our next issue will cover 80’s band Trickster, Anvil and Jackyl.

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