Slomber Offer ‘Dirty Drinks & One-Night Stands’


November 22, 2009

Slomber Offer Dirty Drinks & One-Night StandsThey could have rocked you like Chuck Berry and Elvis in ’57, dominated the world with Rolling Stones in ’67, shocked your mom with the Sex Pistols in ’77, seduced your girlfriend together with Guns ‘n’ Roses in ’87, or simply kicked your ass with Gluecifer and Hellacopters in ’97. In other words; the timing couldn’t have been any worse! In a time where the world still salutes British garage-bands in their fathers wedding-suits, Slomber themselves would probably have chosen to release their debut album several decades ago. Well, they’re too young for that, and besides; they couldn’t have cared any less!

The album “Dirty Drinks and One-Night Stands” is like a heatseeking missile containing the best from 50 years of rock ‘n’ roll-history. Scandinavia hasn’t seen anything like it since Turbonegro released their “Apocalypse Dudes” in 1997. This is an open invitation to crank the stereo up to 11, get some cold ones from the fridge, close your eyes and travel back to a time where the words “financial crisis” were just a white-collar joke.

Dirty Drinks & One-Night Stands Tracklisting:
1. Pamela Carchase
2. Corvette Window
4. All Sexed Up
5. No One’s Fool
6. Mistress Helone
7. Hellride
8. Highway Of Love And Hate
9. Lidin’ In The Hutter
10. Slut The Fuck Up


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