Smokin’ Aces release new song “Liability”

Smokin’ Aces release new song “Liability”

Finnish hard rockers, Smokin’ Aces, have released a new song entitled “Liability.”

Smokin Aces logoSmokin’ Aces‘ press release states (with slight edits):

“Beneath the surface of Finland’s mainstream rock-scene, sprouts Smokin’ Aces – a soulful hard rock band combining their heavy 70’s influences with todays modern rock music.

Since 2012, Smokin’ Aces has released 2 music videos, played numerous shows captivating their audiences with intense live energy and feel, and gathered acclaimed reviews through their EP “24/7” and several single releases.

During the songwriting of a currently untitled brand new Smokin’ Aces EP including the single “Liability”, Anthony, Julian, Eemi and Jarno continue to globally spread rock n roll in a next generation.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Smokin’ Aces‘ EP 24/7: “This is raw, aggressive barroom rock with just enough of a bluesy edge. The songwriting skills out of the gate already prove that this young band has talent oozing from their pores, and we’re expecting big things from Smokin’ Aces in the years to come. With this blistering release, Smokin’ Aces prove from the get go that they mean business.”

Sleaze Roxx contributor Terry Martinson also picked the Smokin’ Aces24/7 EP as his favorite album of 2015. Martinson stated: “Even though I did not get an opportunity to pen my thoughts in long form for Smokin’ Aces‘ 24/7 EP, it is by far my favorite five songs of the year. A tasty smattering of fist pumping rockers about girls, drinking and fighting and an epic “December Rain” styled ballad in “You Take My Breath Away” that will have every pubescent teenager swearing that the song is written for them (think “Open Arms”). Smokin’ Aces‘ 24/7 is a must for fans of Spread Eagle meets Tesla styled hard rock and man, I cannot wait for the next installment!”

Smokin’ Aces‘ “Liability” song:

Liability by Smokin’ Aces Fin

New single ‘Liability’ by Smokin’ Aces