Snakebite release video for new song “Two Desperate Hearts” + mini-interview with Julian Fischer

Snakebite release video for new song “Two Desperate Hearts” + mini-interview with Julian Fischer

German hard rockers Snakebite are back with a video for their new song “Desperate Hearts” from their upcoming new studio album, which will be released early next year. Snakebite‘s last album Princess Of Pain finished #4 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2015.

On the occasion of the release of Snakebite‘s new video, Sleaze Roxx caught up with the band’s drummer Julian Fischer for a mini-interview. In terms of the idea behind the “Two Desperate Hearts” video, Fischer advised, “Rapid action! For the last two years, we were busy with touring and making a name for ourselves. But when it comes to new music, “Two Desperate Hearts“ is our first sign of life since the release of Princess Of Pain. So we needed a big bang! The idea was to catch the energy of our stage action and combine it with a story part that goes with the lyrics of the song. “Tow Desperate Hearts“ shows perfectly what Snakebite is about.”

With respect to a new Snakebite album, Fischer advised: “Everything has been finished for quite some time. The new record will have 11 songs. None of them are built on the same formula. Every song stands out from the rest. Lyrics wise, it’s still the same message of freedom, love and independence. I know — that’s basically the same thing I told you during our interview for the last album! But the difference is… the material is just better, the songs are better, the sound is better… Everything is so great and I still don’t get how we managed to create this killer melodic hard rock monster! There are still certain things which need to be clarified, but the release should be early next year. We will release more music videos and singles until then.”

“Two Desperate Hearts” is Snakebite‘s first new material featuring new guitarist Chris Van Kough to which Fischer stated, “Chris has been a part of Snakebite since early 2016. His musical skills and personality fits perfectly and he’s as hungry as us. Snakebite is no dictatorship and no brainchild of a single person with serving hired guns. It is a common vision and a combination of four personalities with everyone contributing. We feel as more of a unit with him. To make it short, he has proven himself and he deserves to be 25% of the band.”

Snakebite have an upcoming tour with Sleazy RoXxX from September 26, 2017 to October 7, 2017 to which Fischer advised: “Last year, we mainly focused on Germany and did lots of support shows for bigger bands such as W.A.S.P., Bonfire, Thundermother and others. For this year, we wanted to do our own thing and also tour more outside of Germany. The best thing is to do double headliner shows and divide work like booking, promotion, etc. Sleazy RoXxX seem to be the ideal partner since they are tenacious and very driven like we are. We will play seven shows in three different countries together and will have a great time for sure. We are really looking forward to it!”

Snakebite‘s “Two Desperate Hearts” video:

SNAKEBITE – Two Desperate Hearts (official music video)

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