Snew Announce ‘Decadent Rockstar Weekend’ Contest

Snew Announce ‘Decadent Rockstar Weekend’ Contest

July 9, 2012

In celebration of the release of the highly anticipated new Snew album ‘What’s It To Ya’ on August 7th, the L.A. based band announces the most outrageous contest since the heyday of MTV and the Headbanger’s Ball at

The ‘Win A Decadent Rockstar Weekend With Snew In Hollywood’ will pick a winning fan to join the out-of-control rockers in the entertainment capital of the world for three days that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives!

Starting with ‘Fry-Day’ August 3, you (the winner) will be Snew’s all access special guest as they rock the Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe, with dinner and electrifying rock ‘n roll at the famed Hollywood Blvd & Highland location (on the historic Walk of Fame, next to Chinese Theatre & Jimmy Kimmel Show) followed by drinks at the legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip. Filled with groupies, rock stars and wall-to-wall music (including Snew’s dynamite new single “Pull My Stinger”) by famed KNAC’s DJ Will – Snew and YOU rock the Sunset Strip.

Two nights at the ‘No Tell Motel’ — where Saturday August 4 will be an all day Snew Fest. With live music from morning to night at the ‘IES Rock Honors & Music Festival’ in the booming No Ho Arts District where Snew will rock the Outdoor Stage at the Knitting Factory’s Federal and party at the famed AMP Studios (where they filmed VH-1’s Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp). You get to introduce the band onstage as they Rock the IES Outdoor Festival and celebrate the ‘IES Rock Honors’ — honoring the innovators and trailblazers of rock, including Guns N’ Roses, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Megadeth, The Clas, Alice In Cahins and many more. Party with rock stars, porn stars and strippers! Snew treats you to a bottle of Jack or your choice at the infamous Circus Liquor (where Nikki Sixx worked as he put together Motley Crue), and a trip to the salacious Blue Zebra Strip Club, where porn stars regularly strip it off.

The naughty nurse and paramedics will revive you Sunday August 5, with a Snew limo ride to be part of the band onstage at The Other Door Club in North Hollywood at the closing party for IES. Sex, suds and rock ‘n roll for 3 big days with L.A.’s outrageous rockers Snew, as they kick off in grand decadent style, the release of their new album ‘What’s It To Ya’ that following Tuesday August 7.

“Best of luck to all you rockers”, exclaims lead singer Curtis Don Vito, “we have the ultimate rockstar fantasy weekend planned for YOU the lucky winner, better pack an extra liver, case of condoms & hangover relief — it’s gonna be nuts!”

If you are ready to rock, you can register at

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