Snew release video for “Acetylene Queen” from new album ‘You’ve Got Some Nerve’

Snew release video for “Acetylene Queen” from new album ‘You’ve Got Some Nerve’

American hard rockers Snew have premiered their video for their song “Acetylene Queen” from their latest album You’ve Got Some Nerve via Rock Confidential.

Snew frontman Curtis Don Vito was interviewed by Rock Confidential and offered the following about the new video: “It’s track three on the album. It just might be the heaviest song Snew ever recorded. Big and metallic. The video was all shot live at the Hard Rock Hell Festival in Wales on November 9, 2018. Some of the scenes in-between are us at various places along the way in England. It was the first time we played the UK and it was amazing. We made a lot of friends over there. The Brits are awesome and LOVE their Hard Rock and Metal.”

In terms of how new music is promoted these days, Don Vito opined: “DIY baby. It’s not only do-able but the only serious choice for an artist with a vision and is motivated enough to see it through. It used to be that you needed a major label to accomplish anything. That’s not true anymore. It also used to be that there were hundreds if not thousands of labels. Now there’s like five. Five mega corporations that control all of the musical mainstream and they want to keep competition to a minimum. So guess what? The decision has been made to eliminate Rock music from the landscape because we bands and fans are too hard to control. People these days think Rock is dying but we are far from dead. From what I can see there are more Rock fans than ever. The MSM is just ignoring us deliberately. If you’re in a Rock band you gotta go DIY.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Curtis Don Vito at Rock Confidential.

Snew‘s “Acetylene Queen” video:

SNEW – Acetylene Queen – music video

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