Snew release video for song “Sharpie”

Snew release video for song “Sharpie”

American rockers Snew have released a video for their song “Sharpie” which premiered via Bullspike Radio¬†and which emanates from their latest studio album You’ve Got Some Nerve released back in mid-September 2018.

Track List for You’ve Got Some Nerve:
01. Ur Freaking me Out
02. Holy Hell
03. Acetylene Queen
04. Put Upon
05. Sharpie
06. You Tell Me
07. Something New Everybody Wants
08. Revolution Is A Closed Loop
09. You’ve Got Some Nerve

Sleaze Roxx premiered Snew‘s video for “Something New Everybody Wants” back on February 11, 2019.

Snew‘s “Sharpie” video:

SNEW – Sharpie – Music Video

This video Premiere brought to you by Bullspike Radio.Official music video for the song “Sharpie” from Snew’s fourth album “You’ve Got Some Nerve”.This song …