Snew to release new album ‘You’ve Got Some Nerve’ on September 17th

Snew to release new album ‘You’ve Got Some Nerve’ on September 17th

American rockers Snew have released a promotional video for their upcoming new studio album You’ve Got Some Nerve, which will be released on September 17, 2018.

Snew frontman Curtis Don Vito was interviewed by Sleaze Roxx back in November 2016 and was asked about Snew‘s history while being told the band has to be world’s best kept secret. Don Vito replied:

Andy [lead guitarist] and I met in late 2005 through a friend who thought we’d be a perfect musical match. He was absolutely right. The first night we met, we wrote “Stand Up High” which is the first cut on the first Snew album ‘Snew You.’ We’ve been writing together ever since and the chemistry just works.

World’s best kept secret? We’ve heard that many times over the years. A secret’s only a secret if nobody tells. So I guess the cat’s out of the bag. We have fans all over the world but I suppose since we are not in the mainstream, it does feel like only a handful of people know about us. We’ve never campaigned for a major label and we’ve never been approached by one. We’ve always been “do it yourself” and we like it. Could we use some extra help? Sure, but we ain’t gonna sell our souls for the privilege.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some big names in the industry as far as recording goes but never on the business side. I think we just don’t fit in with the whole illuminati corporate model. All of our songs are about being free, being yourself and doing what you want. I don’t think they like that idea. The world seems to be going through a waking up process right now. We’re seeing a backlash against the corporate structure. Our recent release of the two videos “Who The Hell Are You” and “Release The Beast” are in response to that. We’re not [emphasis added] a political band by any stretch. Our music is meant to give you a break from all the stress. If we can make you forget your troubles for three and a half minutes, we’ve done our job. When you ask the question “Who the hell are you?”, we hope you’ll look in the mirror. Once you have your answer, release the beast!”

Snew promotional video for upcoming new album You’ve Got Some Nerve:

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