Solna’s ‘Sent From Heaven’ EP Released


December 20, 2008

SOLNA is the 2-year works of CD Inzane LLC’s CEO, Zane Petersen.

Zane put the project together with friends he has supported through sales since the start of in 2001. It features: Pamela Moore (Sister Mary on Queensryche’s “Operation Mindcrime 1 & 2”) on vocals, 2 songs with Primal Fear’s Ralf Scheepers on vocals (Includes a duet with Pamela on ballad “Feel Alive”), Fabrizio Grossi (Starbreaker/Steve Vai) on bass, Alex De Rosso (Dokken) on guitar and Eric Ragno (Ramos Hugo/David Readman). Mr. Zane Petersen is the drummer on all tracks. The release also features Sebastian Bach’s Rob Deluca on title track, “Where Are You Running”. The project is a powerful blend of Pamela’s Angelic voice, known through-out the world, while the music is high energy, floor pounding metal, well polished and highly produced.

This Limited Edition, 5-track SOLNA EP titled “Sent From Heaven” is available only at CD Inzane and includes 4 songs from the up-and-coming 2009 release of Eurameric plus ***includes 1 exclusive bonus track only available on this ep called “i light a candle too”, with Pamela Moore and Eric Ragno!

Solna was mixed in L.A. by Fabrizio Grossi and master in Minneapolis by Greg Rierson (Powermad/The Cult). The full length “Eurameric” CD is completely finished and will be available February 2009.

Pre-order this rare limited edition Solna “Sent From Heaven” EP, exclusively thru released December 5th! EP is available only thru as first come, first served.

December Update

Solna just released their limited edition (2,000 CDs worldwide) EP “Sent From Heaven”. The CD has been released early due to demand. Pamela Moore (Queensryche), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Alex De Rosso (Dokken) and Fabrizio Grossi (Starbreaker/Steve Vai) are the main reasons for this collaboration of killer songs.Mixed by Fabrizio Grossi (Known for his mega-selling releases with Frontiers Italy), master by Greg Reierson (Powermad/The Cult) and Produced by Zane Petersen (CEO for CD Inzane LLC /

Keep an eye out for a teaser clip to come in the near future!

Solna Sent From Heaven EP Released

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