Son Of Bon Scott Wants To Be A Movie Star


December 7, 2008

Ben Scott, the only child on AC/DC legend Bon Scott, has contacted Undercover to “throw his hat in the ring” for the upcoming movie about his Dad.

Ben saw the article last week about film-maker Eddie Martin’s plans to make a movie about the AC/DC singer.

35-year old Ben, who grew up in the Melbourne suburb of Mordiallic tells Undercover News, “Upon seeing in the papers last week the articles of how Eddie would like to a bio of my Dad I wondered what Bon would have thought about this and I also wondered what some of Bon’s mates would think too.Right then I decided that I really needed to “put my hat into the ring” so to speak; because I believe that if I were given the chance there would be a lot of people who would really enjoy seeing Bon’s son on the big screen.”

Ben is not holding out to score the role though. “Realistically though Paul, I really understand that I have no training in acting so my chances are pretty slim. But hey, you gotta be in to win it…haha”.

Ben’s mother is Gloria Torrance, one of Bon’s friends from the 70s. “They were never in a full bodied relationship,” Ben says. “They knew each other via a friendship/family circles where partys/bbq’s and stuff would happen at regular houses.”

“Mum and Bon remained good friends up until the last time he attended our house in Mordiallic. On this occasion he told me he was “going overseas”.Looking back, he went overseas before, but on this occasion he chose to mention it. I think on this occasion he never really planned to return to Australia. I think he, like other members of AC/DC, had planned to leave Australia and chase success overseas permanently.”

Ben believes he is Bon’s only child. “There have been rumours of others claiming to be Bon’s but from what I’m told/read, all have either since denied or refused to participate in any interviews/articles etc.etc so based on that so date I’m the only one”.

Eddie Martin’s movie about Bon Scott is in the early stages. He plans to start shooting in about 18 months.

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