Southgang Thinking About New Releases


February 3, 2009

SouthGang Records owner Chris Hogan has posted the following update regarding the future of the band Southgang.

“I have great news All you Southgang fans. As of today I have spoken with Jesse Harte, lead vocalist of Southgang, and he is very interested on working on some projects with myself and possibily at least one other member of the ORIGINAL Southgang lineup (YET TO BE it has not been confirmed).

The conversation with Jesse went in quite a few directions (we bounced all kinds of ideas – he is VERY intelligent!) and he is interested in pursuing many different avenues to make sure that the Southgang fans out there get their fix!!!

There was even some talk of a NEW EP…A GREATEST HITS ALBUM…a DVD…and some LIVE SHOWS in the works. Like I said though, we are just in the TALKING phase. But Jesse is interested in pursuing some directions regarding Southgang and I know myself and all you fans out there could not be happier!

And what a GENUINE GUY…That Jesse is such a great person, SUPER COOL! I can tell just from speaking with him on the phone, he even took time to speak with my wife (even though she had The Steelers in the Super Bowl..LOL). I can tell you that there is going to be some BIG things in the near future for Jesse Harte and Southgang.”

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