Speed Stroke aiming to record new songs in fall / winter

Speed Stroke aiming to record new songs in fall / winter

The New Wave of Hair Metal‘s senior admin Tom recently interviewed Italian sleaze rockers Speed Stroke‘s frontman Jack The Ripper and asked about the band’s future plans.

Jack The Ripper advised: “We’re currently writing our 3rd album, and technically also the 4th lol we’re putting down a lot of songs, soon we’ll start preproductions. Our target is to record some stuff during autumn/winter. Next year we’re gonna have some stuff going on in Europe, we’ll surely do some touring and then we’re gonna see what happens. There’s gonna be also another video from a song taken from “Fury”.”

In terms of how the band started, Jack The Ripper stated: “Everything started around 2009/2010, when D.B. & Niko decided to part ways with their previous band “Johnny Burning“. I was a huge fan of them and I went to their gigs everytime I had the chance. There was a time when my ex bandmates of “No Decade” lift me up in front of the stage to let me sing with Johnny Burning, and that was the first time that they noticed me as a singer, just like the movie “Rock Star” lol. Then we met with Fungo and our ex drummer Neb, first thing we recorded together was Crashdiet‘s cover “Riot In Everyone” for the official tribute album to Dave LepardReborn In Sleaze“. I was terribly scared and excited, I was a huge fan of Crashdiet and I was barely 18 yo.. I was sure I wasn’t fit for the task, but I’m happy to see that people still enjoy it. Now we have 2 albums out, the last one “Fury” in particular gave us insane satisfaction, letting us play with great bands like Hardcore Superstar, Steel Panther, Reckless Love, Santa Cruz and many others and expanding fan to fan. We are really proud of what we achieved even if it’s probably less of many bands that have a better music business coverage. We just do our best.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Jack The Ripper at The New Wave of Hair Metal‘s Facebook page.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Speed Stroke‘s latest album Fury: “Overall, Speed Stroke‘s Fury is the type of record that I can put on and enjoy pretty much right away from start to finish. Does it really matter if there is no one song that sticks out over the rest? Probably not. The more important thing is that Speed Stroke have delivered eleven solid sleaze filled songs that are definitely worth checking out.”

Speed Stroke‘s “Believe In Me” video:

Speed Stroke – Believe In Me (Official Video)

Music video by Speed Stroke performing “Believe in Me” (Official Video).Taken from the album “FURY” © 2016 Bagana Records (Italy).Directed by Filippo Cinotti…