Speed Stroke Debut “Sick Of You” Video

Speed Stroke Debut “Sick Of You” Video

February 16, 2014

Speed Stroke have released a video for “Sick Of You”, from the Italian band’s 2013 self-titled debut album.

Speed Stroke was out together in the summer of 2010 by D.B. and Niko (guitars), Fungo (bass) and Neb (drums), all well-known musicians in Italian rock and heavy metal scene. The line-up was solidified when Jack joined the band, a young singer with a sharp and incisive voice.

In 2011 Speed Stroke appeared on the internationally released tribute to deceased Crashdiet singer Dave Lepard named ‘Reborn In Sleaze’, covering the Swedish band’s popular single “Riot In Everyone”. In December of that same year Speed Stroke released their first single “Age Of Rock N Roll”, which would later appear on the band’s debut album ‘Speed Stroke’.

For more information on Speed Stroke visit www.speed-stroke.com and www.facebook.com/speedstroke.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com