Speedbilly release new EP ‘Hillbilly Speed Freak’

Speedbilly release new EP ‘Hillbilly Speed Freak’

Minnesota rockers Speedbilly consisting of singer and bassist Jimmy Allen Moore, singer and guitarist John Stegner and drummer Brian Gordon have released a new EP titled Hillbilly Speed Freak.

Track List for Hillbilly Speed Freak EP:
01. Pedal To The Metal
02. Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry
03. Grave Digger
04. Light ‘Em Up

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Speedbilly‘s EP Hold Our Beers And Watch This: “The good news about Hold Our Beers And Watch This is that all of the songs are pedal to the metal type songs which makes them somewhat bearable. I hate to be negative towards a “new” band or at least one that doesn’t have a lot of albums under its belt but Speedbilly‘s Hold Our Beers And Watch This EP is a subpar album whose songs would have been better off left inside the confines of a garage than on a CD for the whole world to hear.”

Speedbilly‘s “Pedal To The Metal” video (from Hillbilly Speed Freak EP):

Pedal to the Metal by Speedbilly

From the Hillbilly Speed Freak e.p. coming out soon!