Spider Rockets Debut “Going Down” Video

Spider Rockets Debut “Going Down” Video

September 15, 2013

After their first foray into video land with “Scream” two years ago, Spider Rockets have released “Going Down”, from their 2012 album ‘Bitten’.

“You know that something’s always going down on Friday the 13th… It might as well be us!” jokes singer, Helena Cos. The song lyrics play off the sexual and hostile interpretations suggested by the track’s title, often walking a very fine line between the two. “I wanted the listeners to make up their own minds which way I’m leaning when I’m singing, ‘When you come here you’re going down’,” admits Helena.

The video weaves around vintage black and white footage to add a bit of levity into what is otherwise far from a funny song. This idea was inspired by videos from other legendary rock bands like Ratt’s “You’re In Love”, Iron Maiden’s “Run To The Hills”, and Metallica’s “One” — the latter’s infusion of black and white clips being arguably less humorous.

“We were also on a budget and knew we’d have to fill some frames,” admits guitarist John Nap, “and it’s amazing how much they were asking us to pay for some other common rights ‘free’ footage that never made the video, like clips of Betty Boop and Popeye!”

The video release is in anticipation of new tour dates to be announced next week — details will be available at www.spiderrockets.com.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com