Spiders & Snakes Frontman Ivites You To Enter The Bizarre World Of The Digital Church


August 12, 2008

Lizzie Grey, currently Spiders & Snakesfrontman and Hollywood cult hero for the ages, has had his first bookpublished. Entitled, The Digital Church, the book is a labour of love forGrey, who had been working on it for over a decade. “Watching the worldfalling into its current state of collective fear and anxiety was trulythe inspiration for The Digital Church,” says Grey. “I invented the madmanNathan Jamison as the ultimate devil’s advocate pitted against the haplessMartin Henzel, the unlikeliest of heroes.”

Grey outlines the book here:

“The Digital Church is an apocalyptic, sci-fi tale of terror andspirituality set in the not-too-distant future.

The story’s central character is Martin Henzel, a misguided Hollywoodscenester in his late-twenties, who doesn’t know who he is, where he’sgoing, or why he’s here. His Hollywood nightclub world of alcohol and onenight stands is suddenly shattered, after he goes on a date with newco-worker, Megan Jamison, who unbeknownst to him is the daughter ofbillionaire recluse, Nathan Jamison, who is involved in a terroristconspiracy to commit genocide on a world scale.

Martin suddenly finds himself being contacted by a bizarre entity thatexists within the purple fire of nightmare visions, some of which becomeall too real. Ultimately, he will be forced to answer a deeply troublingquestion within himself. “Can you love?”

The future of the entire world rests in the balance of Martin Henzel’sdamnation or ultimate redemption as a violent roller-coaster ride of fearand emotion lands him center-stage within the towering walls of the lasthope for humanity – The Digital Church.

The story reaches a terrifying climax, as Martin and Megan view the comingof the Nexus, a bizarre collection of dark matter in space into which theearth is falling, in what will be the final chess move in the ultimatepower struggle between good and evil.

Will Martin’s gift to the Digital Church, his desperate final standagainst the hateful Nowhere Man be enough to save the future? You mustbelieve.”

The Digital Church is out now and is available through www.iuniverse.com

Courtesy of www.headfirstentertainment.com