Spiders & Snakes Turn Up The Drama


September 27, 2007

Los Angeles Glam rock icons Spiders& Snakes are set to release their eighth studio album, ‘Melodrama’, onNovember 6th through Corporate Punishment Records (distributed by KochEntertainment).

Corporate Punishment Records founder, Thom Hazaert, contacted the banddirectly thru their website and ensuing conversations led to a deal whichwould see Corporate Punishment Records releasing not one, but THREE albumsby the notorious Hollywood rockers! (reissues of ‘London Daze’ and’Hollywood Ghosts’ are also included in the deal). “We are extremely proudto be affiliated with a band like Spiders & Snakes. Lizzie Grey is one ofthe true unsung Godfathers of Modern Hard Rock, and an incredible talent,as well as a true inspiration as one of those rare people who TRULY makesmusic because he loves to.” said CPR President Thom Hazaert. “And whileit’s a little left field of the usual CPR release(s), S&S has made a 15year career out of releasing brilliant, pure records, solely for the loveof their craft, and it’s definitely an honor to be a part of that.”

The twelve tracks on offer highlight the band’s affinity for 70’s glamrock indulgence and his knack for writing hooks as wide as the AtlanticOcean. Featuring a stunning cover of the Bay City Rollers’ classic”Yesterday’s Hero” (sung by drummer Timothy Jay), and highlighting Sluggo(of Oingo Boingo fame) on a terrific saxophone solo, ‘Melodrama’ also seesSpiders & Snakes covering themselves with “Fear Of Flying” whichoriginally appeared on the band’s 1992 release ‘Arachno II’, withrewritten lyrics by Spiders & Snakes co-founder Jay, The band has writtena wealth of material for the new album, including tracks such as the CheapTrick inspired “Shoot Me Down” (written and sung by bassist Phil St.Vincent), the in your face hard rocker “Kicks”, and the melancholicballad, “Another Lonely Day”

With the release of ‘Melodrama’ Spiders & Snakes will be taking the newalbum to the masses with touring planned both on domestic ground as wellas throughout the European territories in 2007 and 2008.

Spiders & Snakes:
Lizzie Grey – Lead vocals, guitars
Timothy Jay – Drums, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Phil St. Vincent – Bass, vocals

For more information: www.spidersandsnakes.com andwww.myspace.com/spidersandsnakes

Courtesy of www.headfirstentertainment.com