Spike announces new Quireboys album to feature last songs written with deceased guitarist Guy Bailey

Photo by Christopher Lee Helton

Spike announces new Quireboys album to feature last songs written with deceased guitarist Guy Bailey

Former The Quireboys frontman Spike Gray will be releasing a new Quireboys studio album that will feature the last songs co-written with his long-time bandmate, friend and guitarist Guy Bailey who passed away on April 6, 2023.

Back in late March 2022, The Quireboys led by guitarist Guy Griffin split from frontman Spike Gray leaving the latter to form a new version of Quireboys, which also included two of the original band’s founding members — guitarist Guy Bailey and bassist Nigel Mogg.

The following message was posted in part on SpikeQuireboys‘ Facebook page on April 26, 2023:

“As Quireboys founder, frontman and songwriter I’m delighted to announce that the original band are going into the studio next month to record a new Quireboys album, featuring the last songs that I co-wrote and recorded with Guy Bailey.

This news follows the return of the original Quireboys line-up last year, with the physical release of an official Quireboys Christmas single and a sell-out London show promoted by Live Nation with me, Nigel Mogg, Chris Johnstone and Rudy Richman. That night, we were joined on stage by Guy Bailey for what was to be his last public appearance before his tragic death on 6 April 2023.

Following the split with recent band members last Spring, I immediately reassured you the fans that I have never left the band, I hold the trademark and that I would reform the original Quireboys band. Last summer I wrote songs with Guy Bailey and demo’d them for a new album – as, one by one, Nigel Mogg, Chris Johnstone and Rudy Richman announced their return to Quireboys.

Guy Bailey was deeply upset by events of last year and he wanted to respond by writing new songs with the return of the signature Quireboys sound. The writing between us was just like the early days, spontaneous and natural. It was his wish that the music we wrote together last summer was recorded and completed in its entirety, so the band will return to the studio to finish the new album. We have one of the greatest producers in the world and a few very special friends joining us who adored Guy. The new Quireboys album will be dedicated to Guy Bailey, my best friend and a musical genius. Without him there wouldn’t have been any Quireboys hits that live on to this day. I promised Guy Bailey I would record this album, and so with his blessing, I will take his music legacy forward with not only this album, but future albums to come, along with live international tours and shows, as that was and always has been his wish.

So we’re keeping rock ‘n’ roll alive in his name for years to come.

God bless, Spike x”