Spinning Jenny Debut “Cheerleader” Video

Spinning Jenny Debut “Cheerleader” Video

December 17, 2012

Swedish based rockers Spinning Jenny have released a video for the song “Cheerleader”, from their new three song single of the same name.

Spinning Jenny was formed during the spring of 2011 by frontman Patrik DeChrist. He had been playing for several years in different metalcore acts, but always dreamt of playing ’80s hard rock. In 2011 he decided that he’d had enough of metalcore and decided to follow his heart.

The band he was singing in then quit and he immediately called his friend Fredrik Lindqvist (drums), inviting him to start a new project, playing nothing but the sweet hard rock they’d been raised on. Shortly after, they called their friend Anton Hintz Nissen and invited him to play lead guitar and he accepted since he loved the same music. That same day their friend Linus Rothenbacher, a great bass player, was asked the same question and he joined the band.

After only a couple of weeks Spinning Jenny recorded their debut EP called ‘Dirty, Fast And Furious’. On December 1, 2012 the band released the single “Cheerleader” with new guitarist Carl Olsson, and made it available through Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

More information on Spinning Jenny can be found at www.spinningjenny.tk and www.facebook.com/SpinningJennyOfficial.

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