Spread Eagle release lyric video for track “More Wolf Than Lamb”

Spread Eagle release lyric video for track “More Wolf Than Lamb”

New York, USA rockers Spread Eagle consisting of lead vocalist Ray West, bassist Rob De Luca, guitarist Ziv Shalev and drummer Rik De Luca have released a lyric video for their track “More Wolf Than Man” from their latest studio album Subway To The Stars.

Track List to Subway To The Stars:
01. Subway To The Stars
02. 29th of February
03. Sound of Speed
04. Dead Air
05. Grand Scam
06. More Wolf Than Lamb
07. Cut Through
08. Little Serpentina
09. Antisocial Butterfly
10. Gutter Rhymes For Valentines
11. Solitaire

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Subway To The Stars:

Subway To The Stars offers songs that are melodic, yet, unapologetic, with a sound that is new, yet, familiar, and in doing so, is an exemplar of excellence among rock albums. Spread Eagle’s public is still being formed. Spread Eagle will be increasingly listened to as performers, and the band members will be increasingly respected as artists. Spread Eagle bassist Rob De Luca was quoted as saying, “Everyone’s going to know us. Definitely. We will be a popular band.” And with an album of the quality of Subway To The Stars, it is going to be difficult to disagree with De Luca‘s statements.”

Spread Eagle‘s “More Wolf Than Lamb” video: