Starbreaker Wrap Up Recording Of New CD


April 10, 2008

Tony Harnell (TNT, Westworld, Morning Wood), Magnus Karlsson (ALLEN / LANDE and PRIMAL FEAR) and John Macaluso (Malmsteen, TNT, Ark) have wrapped up recording for the much-anticipated new Starbreaker CD entitled “Love’s Dying Wish”.

Written and produced by Harnell and Karlsson, the tracks have now been handed over to respected producer Tommy Hansen (TNT, Jorn) for mixing. Some of the titles include “Unknown Superstar”, “End Of Alone”, “Love’s Dying Wish”, “Evaporate” and “Beautiful Disaster”.

New bassist Jonni Lightfoot (a touring and recording veteran with extensive credits to his name) has added a tasteful aggressive touch to this magnificent piece of work and compliments Macaluso’s flashy drumming perfectly. This is a very special album that leaps forward from where the Starbreaker debut left off. With a fresh diversity that spans from pounding metal, to deep moody passages wrapped in a dark and beautifully melodic package. The stunning talents of Harnell and Karlsson are on display here in spades with electrifying performances and stellar song writing. These two have truly developed a unique and timeless sound together.

Release expected this fall.

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