Starrats Debut Video For “Boozehound”


October 17, 2009

Starrats unveil “Boozehound”, their first official video from their new CD ‘Screw The Consequences’ (Swedmetal/Target 2009).

Star*Rats are ready with their new album entitled “Screw theconsequences”, and they’re not taking prisoners!! The releasedate is set to 28 September world wide.

With new singer Magnus (AKA Mr. Whattafuck) on board, Kass, Post, andBraun finally found the missing link to go from damn good to fuckin’ awesome.The 14 anthems about love, hate, drinking, (self) destruction, sex,struggle, honesty, lies, & more drinking, is a valid testament of whatlife is like as a Star*rat.. Loud, obnoxious, narcissistic, depraved,and most of all fun.

The style is huge rock songs with elements of punk, sleaze, and metal.You could say that Star*Rats relates a little to the newer wave of Americanhard rock like Velvet Revolver, Buckcherry, Sixx A.M, & Papa Roach, but yetagain, completly their own!

The self-produced new album contains guest appearances by Danish goldwinning recording artist Celina Ree, Zodiac Mindwarp guitarist CobaltStargazer, and is mixed by Swedish double grammy winner Chris Laney.The album is furthermore mastered by Jan Eliasson (D.A.D, Pretty Maids,Christina Augilera. etc).

Live, Star*Rats have headlined frequently in Denmark, Sweden, Norway,Holland, England, Germany, and played with international artists likeAlice Cooper, Skid Row, Freak Kitchen, Dokken, Magnum, Mustasch, HotLeg, Zodiac Mindwarp, Warrior Soul, Royal Hunt, Pretty Boy Floyd,Bullet Boys, Britny Fox, Nasty Idols, Vains Of Jenna, and MANY more..

“We believe that this is it, finally we have a label that believes in the “Rats”and that are willing to put in as much effort as we are. Together with Swedmetalwe aim for the top. This is just the beginning of an era, the RAT ERA!”says the singer Magnus (AKA Mr. Whattafuck)

Star*Rats previously released 2 albums:
Broken Halo (Adrenaline Records 2004)
Rebelution (Perris Records 2006)

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