StarRats To Appear On ‘Incest Death Squad 2’ Soundtrack

StarRats To Appear On ‘Incest Death Squad 2’ Soundtrack

January 20, 2010

Danish rockers lend their music to the soundtrack of upcoming sequel to 2009’s “Incest Death Squad”.

Writer/Director Cory J. Udler announced today that Danish rock band Star*Rats have agreed to lend two of their songs to the soundtrack of “Incest Death Squad 2”, which is in pre production currently, and will lens in March of 2010 through May 2010.

Star*Rats are currently working on their 4th studio album, fresh off the heels of winning the 2010 People’s Choice Award at the Danish Metal Awards. Their latest album, “Screw The Consequences”, has received critical praise throughout the world, and songs from that album will be included in “Incest Death Squad 2”.

“I have been a fan of the band for a while now, but just recently started talking to the guys about maybe using some of their songs in the soundtrack. They couldn’t have been more gracious and amazing about it, they’re actually really excited, as are we,” Udler says.

“The soundtrack we had for Incest 1 was amazing, but Incest 2 is a totally different movie than 1, so the soundtrack needs to be bigger and wilder and with the dudes in Star*Rats giving us their music to use, it just got a big fat boost of street rock n roll that it needed.”

The Incest Death Squad 1 soundtrack included 80’s favorites Britny Fox and their hit “Girlschool”. The band also made a cameo appearance in the movie. Music from El Valiente, Helliphant, Kill Junior and Buried Future rounded out the eclectic mix of genres for the first film’s soundtrack, but Udler says this soundtrack will blow people’s minds.

“We have one of the greatest rock bands in the world with Star*Rats, we also have gothic country kings, Those Poor Bastards, along with some incredibly creepy music work from JudgeHydrogen, who will be doing much of the instrumental work on the soundtrack.”

Incest Death Squad 1 was released in October of 2009 to amazing critical praise. The film was self distributed and has been making a splash across the world. The film starred Lloyd Kaufman, president and CEO of Troma entertainment. Kaufman returns for part 2 as well. The film also stars Greg Johnson, Tom Lodewyck, Edy Cullen, Melissa Murphy and Carmela Wiese.

“It (Incest Death Squad 2) is a much different film than 1. 1 was fun and stylish, and wacky, whereas 2 is just a savage film, really hard. I’ve actually had several actors and actresses tell me they wanted to do it, then they read the script and said “uh, I’m going to have to pass on it.” So, I wanted the soundtrack to kinda reflect the different direction the film takes from 1.”

Udler hopes to have Incest Death Squad 2 done and ready for the world by August of 2010. Incest Death Squad 1 is still available at the film’s official website

Incest Death Squad 1 will be continuing it’s promotion across the world and across the country with convention appearances and screenings, including one March 20th in Oklahoma City, OK.

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