Starz Sign Record Deal For Comeback Album

Starz Sign Record Deal For Comeback Album

March 14, 2015

US hard rock legends Starz have signed with Frontiers Music to release a new studio album in the second half of 2015.

Although not as commercially successful and well known as a lot of their peers, Starz have proven to be a hugely influential band for those musicians who were aware of them. Several massively successful U.S. artists, like Cinderella, Bon Jovi, Poison, Twisted Sister and Motley Crue, cite Starz as a primary influence. Magazines like Kerrang! and Hit Parader have included Starz albums on lists of the most important heavy metal albums of all-time.

All together Starz recorded four studio albums in the second half of the ’70s — ‘Starz’, ‘Violation’, ‘Attention Shoppers’ and ‘Coliseum Rock’ — and gathered critical acclaim with their ability to mesh the smooth with the hard.

“We loved pop melodies,” admits guitarist Richie Ranno, “and we also loved heavy guitars. We liked to combine hooks with a harder edge. Our singer Michael Lee Smith had a great sense of melody. In the course of four albums, we only used orchestrations or keyboards once, preferring to mix heavy rock productions with melodic overtones.”

Starz are now returning with a line-up featuring original members Richie Ranno (guitars), Michael Lee Smith (vocals), Joe X Dube (drums) and new faces George DiAna (bass) and Alex Kane (guitar).

“We are absolutely psyched to be writing and recording an album of new Starz songs for the Frontiers Label,” says Ranno. “We’re really excited about the new songs we’ve come up with — “Subway Terror” 2015, here we come! Our sincere thanks go out to the staff of Frontiers Records for giving us this opportunity.”

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