States Of Panic Debut “Gun To My Head” Video

States Of Panic Debut “Gun To My Head” Video

December 23, 2013

States Of Panic, formerly known as Peepshow, have released a video for “Gun To My Head”, the band’s much anticipated new single.

States Of Panic are currently working on their debut album ‘No World Order’ and have launched a crowdsourcing campaign at to raise the funds needed to complete the album. So far the band has raised over 100% of their initial goal, with 10% of any additional money pledged above the intial goal going to the Save The Children charity.

“You’ve been the most amazing fans and as a way of saying thank you, we’re offering you the chance to get involved in a totally new way,” states the band. “We are offering you a range of items and experiences whilst also bringing devoted pledgers video reports, following the recording process and bringing you closer to the band than ever before. Your pledge and support will help fund our new album and help to give the release the best possible impact it can have!”

“Whatever you pledge for, we’ll throw in our forthcoming album as a digital download too. Throughout the campaign you’ll also get free access to our ‘Pledgers Only’ backstage area, where we will give you access to lot’s of freebies such as demos, remixes, videos from the studio and lot’s, lot’s more.”

When asked about the name change earlier this year guitarist Rusty Gill told, “There were several reasons for changing the name. We’ve encountered many problems with it over the years, namely the fact that we don’t have a trademark for it, other bands are also called Peepshow, and there is a very popular award winning TV show with the same name. There are also too many porn affiliated websites that show up in Google searches making it harder for new/younger fans to discover us. This also makes it a harder ‘brand’ to market for record companies and such. Given that we’ve grown and matured as a band it seemed like the best course of action, something we’ve been discussing since before we released ‘Brand New Breed’.”

‘Brand New Breed’, released under the Peepshow moniker and the follow-up to 2009’s sold out ‘Out For Blood’, was released independently in January of 2012, but the name change doesn’t mean the band is changing their sound. “As for musical direction, we’ve not made any conscious effort to change musical direction,” continued Gill. “The new album that we’re recording picks up where ‘Brand New Breed’ left off and is the next part in the saga that is the the Rise of the Masses and the Brand New Breed. The album will be called ‘No World Order’.”

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