Station release new song “All You Need Is A Heartbeat”

Station release new song “All You Need Is A Heartbeat”

New York rockers Station have released a new single entitled “All You Need Is A Heartbeat” which is their first song unleashed since their self-titled album was released back in April 2015.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in one of its two reviews of Station‘s self-titled full-length album:

“On this journey into the fray of all things 80’s AOR/hard rock, we can’t help but wonder what these brilliant young men from the big apple are inspired by. Why did they get up one fine day and decide it is arena rock for me? When I spin their new self titled disc, I am (1) grateful for their choice and (2) I can easily see whom they pay homage to as to me, they are wearing their influences on their chests in the form of Winger, Tesla, Skid Row and Trixter to name a few — and those old concert shirts fit great and look good too.”

Sleaze Roxx went on to conclude: “I triple dog dare you to listen to any Station song on the new disc, better yet to put the disc on random and never tire of it. To toe tap, air guitar and nod your aqua netted coif to the succulent sounds that emanate from your stereo. The gauntlet has been thrown kiddies. For me, it is as simple as Kearney belts out in “Dressed To Kill” and this sums up my sentiments towards the new album and the way I fell when I spin it tenfold, “You’re Given Me Brand New Chills”.”

Station‘s single “All You Need Is A Heartbeat” is available for preview and purchase at iTunes.

Station performing “All You Need Is A Heartbeat” at Arlene’s Grocery in New York, New York, USA on October 7, 2015:

STATION- ‘ALL You Need Is A Heartbeat’ (NEW) LIVE @ Arlene’s Grocery NYC 10-7-15!

Here is #1 of 3 BRAND NEW songs ..all ready for album #2….