Station release video for new song “I Won’t Break Your Heart”

Station release video for new song “I Won’t Break Your Heart”

Melodic rockers Station have released a video for their new single “I Won’t Break Your Heart” from their new studio album More Than The Moon.

Sleaze Roxx recently interviewed Station guitarist Chris Lane who stated as following about the new single: “The first single is going to be the first song on the album which is called “I Won’t Break Your Heart” and it’s kind of an upbeat kind of riff rock kind of song. It’s fun and it’s actually Pat’s, the singer, and Tony’s, the drummer, their favorite song on the album. That’s why we picked it. The music video for it will also debut tomorrow on the day that the album comes out. I am very excited about that too. We love making music videos and as now that we have experience doing so, we are doing cooler music videos, in my opinion. Videos that aren’t just the band performing on stage smiling. I love that stuff.”

In terms of Station‘s new album More Than The Moon, Sleaze Roxx stated in its review: “The album starts off with the ever so melodic hit in the making, “I Won’t Break Your Heart.” The guitar line in the intro is an infectious chord progression that leads into the vocal. The song builds up until the chorus hits you right between the eyes. The breakdown that leads into the guitar solo is very well calculated. It has a very strong build up that lasts for at least 30 seconds.”

Station‘s “I Won’t Break Your Heart” video:

Station – I Won’t Break Your Heart (Official Music Video)

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