Station to release new album in early November

Station to release new album in early November

New York City rockers Station will be releasing their third full-length album in early November 2019. The group previously released the EP Wired (2014), and the full-length records Station (2015) and More Than The Moon (2018).

The following message was posted on Station‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“If you didn’t get our newsletter, we announced our next album! New music coming in early November. Stay tuned for album art, tour dates, embarrassing photos of Tony blow drying his hair and MORE MUSIC.

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Back in May 2019, Sleaze Roxx interviewed Station guitarist Chris Lane who answered as follows on whether the band’s upcoming third full-length album would be similar or different from its last record More Than The Moon:

“You know, that’s a tough question to answer because I’m so close to it. A lot of what we kind of do — we never make a conscious decision to doing anything. Musically anyway! We kind of say, “Oh, this is an area I’d like to explore or this is something I’m interested in doing.” But because we’re the ones involved, it always still sounds like us! It’s the kind of thing where we haven’t actually had a conversation about a free-form jazz odyssey, but we are constantly growing as both people and musicians with different experiences and talking about through our music. The third record will reflect very much what the second record did not because there has been time between it.”

Station‘s “Never Enough” video:

Station – Never Enough (Official Music Video)

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