Steel Mountain Crossing no longer as guitarist Dennis D and ex-Quiet Riot singer Mark Huff part ways

Steel Mountain Crossing no longer as guitarist Dennis D and ex-Quiet Riot singer Mark Huff part ways

Another band bites the dust due in part to the Covid pandemic. Tiger Claws / Wett Cherry guitarist Dennis D and former Quiet Riot lead vocalist Mark Huff have parted ways, which has resulted in Steel Mountain Crossing disbanding after the release of their debut self-titled album (2019) and the Roads To Riot EP (2020).

Dragon City Demo reports that the duo parted ways due to creative differences and the difficulties caused by the Covid pandemic. The record label’s press release provides the following comments from Dennis D:

“I have officially folded Steel Mountain Crossing and my decision to leave is the first step to continue to move forward. I wish Mark the best with his painting and carpentry and his tribute band. I was in a Ozzy tribute band for 20 plus years. Right now, I want to play original music with like minded artists.  I was a big Quiet Riot fan as a child and it was fun to collaborate with Mark at times. I have nothing against any member or former members of Quiet Riot. It was a thrill to play Quiet Riot songs with him. I love playing Randy Rhoads guitar and can all night.

I want to thank everyone who supported the project from the potential labels to the people who created the facebook page and did social media for us.  I dont compete with anyone. I believe in labels and the workers they have that show up to work everyday from 9:00 to 5:00. I enjoy working with the industry and I personally let them do their job. After playing guitar for over three decades, not once has anyone in the industry told me how or what to play. I certainly would not tell anyone at a label interested in collaborating how to run their label or how to sell a rock n’ roll band in this or any other climate.

I play and create music for the fun of it. Right now, I think I have found the musicians and industry folk I want to play and work with. I am also talking with some bands I am pretty sure you all have heard of. To be honest, I am not political. I am just a guitarist. I am not a manager or a psychiatrist or a recording engineer. I try to keep my mouth shut and focus on playing hard and heavy electric guitar. I show up on time. I do my homework at home.

I have the same problems everyone else has but when the chance comes to play, I can appreciate that and can very easily focus. It’s great when people support you to get your groove on. But what most people don’t realize about the entertainment industry is the fact that you have to get your groove on and play 120 percent under every and any circumstance, and not just when people kiss your ass. I played the Roads To Riot [EP] guitar tracks with a broken right thumb. I couldn’t hold a pick if I was paid to.

I’m looking forward to get back out to see you all again. Hopefully, this will happen sooner than later. Best of luck to Mark and Quiet Riot [in] whatever form they may be in. Peace! God bless!”

Steel Mountain Crossing‘s “Last Rites” video: