Steel Panther Brings Back Hair Metal


October 14, 2009

Steel Panther may have the No. 1 Comedy Album right now with “Feel the Steel,” but frontman Michael Starr (real name: Ralph Saenz) is stone-cold serious when he describes he and bandmates Stix Zadinia, Lexxi Foxxx and Satchel’s sound to

“You’re gonna feel some stuff that you weren’t used to feeling,” says Starr. “That’s the feeling of heavy metal going through your loins, thorugh your body, coming out your mouth, and sometimes going in the opposite direction.”

On “Feel the Steel,” the parody glam rockers sing about exactly what you’d expect — girls, girls girls — and set their pre- and post-coital lyrics to the outsized, pyro-friendly sounds of yesteryear. “We started bringing heavy metal back in 1981,” says Starr. “I just turned 53. After two hip replacements and a couple facelifts, I feel like the energy has been put back into my soul for the love of heavy metal and bringing it back.”

For Steel Panther, the musical comeback also means a return to skintight pants, wild parties and one-night stands. “Actually I was in a very serious relationship for about three hours last night,” confesses Starr. “I was in love…I told her, ‘I love you baby.’ ”

Watch Steel Panther talk about its new album and perform an acoustic version of “Feel the Steel” track “Community Property,” where a sentimental Starr belts, “You’re the only girl that I like to screw, when I’m not on the road” at

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