Steel Panther Filming Comedy Central TV Pilot

Steel Panther Filming Comedy Central TV Pilot

May 15, 2010

Alright Steel Panther fans – time to get excited. Comedy Central has officially ordered up a pilot for a Steel Panther TV Show! Please do whatever you can to get the word out and let Comedy Central know that Steel Panther is gonna be the best show in HISTORY!

Greg Pratt of reports: Eighties glam metal revivalists/homage payers Steel Panther have won the hearts of metal fans who grew up in that decade but have also faced a bit of flak from metalheads for being a bit too over the top in their delivery. Well, this ain’t going to help — the band are going to be the focus of a new reality television show.

Tentatively titled Steel Panther, the program is a “loosely scripted” “docu-reality show” (which means it’s about as real as The Osbournes was) that follows the band members as they attempt to bring back heavy metal, reports Blabbermouth. A pilot of the show was ordered by Comedy Central for their 2010-2011 development slate.

The show is being created by heavy metal funnyman Brian Posehn and Jackass director Jeff Tremaine; combine those credentials with the band’s hysterical approach to what they do, and it does sound like a recipe for some laughs.

Let’s hope the pilot is a success and the show rolls along into production and gives metalheads another reason to like TV again. It should also help quell any anti-Steel Panther sentiment out there by showing that the band are a bunch of harmless fun-loving goofballs who do have a genuine love of metal.

Steel Panther have among their ranks ex-L.A. Guns and Fight members, and released their debut album, Feel the Steel, last year.

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