Steel Panther guitarist Satchel states the real fans know the band has killer songs

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Steel Panther guitarist Satchel states the real fans know the band has killer songs

Steel Panther guitarist Satchel was recently interviewed by Laura Vezer of Metal Wani who first humorously advised feeling great for his age despite having knee surgery a couple of years ago (which is nothing that some coke can’t fix).

In terms of what the band has been up to, Satchel stated (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “Well, we’ve been basically touring non-stop. Every time we take a break, it is no longer than two or three days and then we go right back out on the road. Uh, we just love people. We’re people people. You know, we like to be around people and we love to basically make sweet love to women and have as much sex as we can. The only way that you can have sex with a different girl every night really is like by going on the road and meeting new women every time. That’s the motivating factor is like ‘Where can I find women to have sex with? Oh, let’s go on the road again.'”

Satchel was asked how excited he is about Steel Panther‘s upcoming new studio album Lower The Bar to which he replied (as noted on Metal Wani): “I am super duper excited…the record is going to blow people away. I pride myself on the Steel Panther records because we’re not just a super awesome live act, which we are…we’re a great live band, we’re great looking guys. That’s the two main ticks. People come to see us live and think we’re great looking. We are. We are great looking. Underneath the great lookingness, and the awesome live shows, there’s our bitching songs. The real fans out there know that we have awesome killer songs on all our records. We’re not going to release a record that sucks, or that people aren’t going to like. If you like our first three records, you’re going to like this record too, it’s awesome.” 

Metal Wani noted that fans usually get their glam on, by dressing up, bringing out props like inflatable guitars, glitter bomb, etc at Steel Panther shows. Satchel was asked what does he think it is about Steel Panther‘s shows that brings out this side of fans to which Satchel stated (as noted by Metal Wani): “Well I think that underneath everything we do, there’s people that call us a parody bands, or that we’re a bunch of jokey jokey guys. But ultimately what we’re doing is, we’re bringing a very fucking real party to your neighborhood, and it gives people a license to act in a way they wouldn’t be able to act at work, or at home, or at Christmas time with their family. at any other concert or band you’d go to, you have to keep your clothes on, and only cheer at certain points of the show. With Steel Panther, all the rules goes out the window. You can take your clothes off, you can make out with people you don’t know, it doesn’t matter. It’s all fun. Everybody at our show is there to have fun. It’s like one big happy incestuous family that likes to do drugs together, it’s crazy.”

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