Steel Panther Heading To Sweden Rock Festival


December 19, 2009

Steel Panther Heading To Sweden Rock FestivalIn America, hair metal was long considered extinct – then came Steel Panther and showed just how wrong this was! Said Los Angeles-quartet have been around for roughly a decade, under different monickers – they released their debut “Hole Patrol” both in 2003 as Metal Shop, and in 2005 as Metal Skool. As Steel Panther, they debuted in 2009 with “Feel the Steel”, and this album has made the public take serious notice. For the acclaimed music, reminiscent of glam/hair metal heroes like Poison, Slaughter et al, but even more for the ironic (?) lyrics. Titles like “Asian Hooker”, “Stripper Girl” and “I Want Pussy” indicate, correctly, that the lyrics of Steel Panther would make a gangsta-rapper blush!

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Confirmed bands so far (out of a total of 60):
Bachman & Turner (Can)
W.A.S.P. (Us)
Rick Springfield (Aus/Us)
Danzig (Us)
Ratt (Us)
Y&T (Us)
Nazareth (Uk)
Magnum (Uk)
Saga (Can)
Sabaton (S)
D-A-D (DK)
Mother’s Finest (Us)
Unisonic (D)
Steel Panther (Us)
Aldo Nova (Can)
Anvil (Can)
Raven (Uk)
Bigelf (Us)
Jorn (N)

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