Steel Panther Nearing Completion Of New Album

Steel Panther Nearing Completion Of New Album

February 24, 2011

Steel Panther have revealed that they are getting closer to finishing the follow-up to ‘Feel The Steel’. Upon it’s release in 2009, ‘Feel The Steel’ hit #98 on the Billboard charts and #1 on the Billboard Top Comedy Albums chart as well as reaching the Sleaze Roxx Top 10 of 2009 and the Sleaze Roxx Reader’s Choice Top 20.

In a short posting on the band’s Facebook page they say; Banging your math teacher pays dividends…look what it did for drummer Stix Zadinia and his math skills — “We are 2/3 done with new record. Just finished 1/2 bottle of gin, scored 1/8 of weed and 1/2 an 8 ball. 10 out of 10 of all our fans RULE!”

Earlier this week American stand-up comedian and film actor Dane Cook joined Steel Panther on stage at their House Of Blues Hollywood show to perform four songs including Van Halen’s hit single “Jump”. Video footage of Cook appearing with Steel Panther can be viewed below.

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