Steel Panther release ‘Steel Panther TV’ Cineminute ‘The Usual Suspects’

Steel Panther release ‘Steel Panther TV’ Cineminute ‘The Usual Suspects’

Steel Panther have started up their SPTV (Steel Panther TV) episodes once again with the release of Cineminute ‘The Usual Suspects.’

The group describes their TV series as follows: “We know TV sucks now that Breaking Bad is over which is why STEEL PANTHER TV is here to save the world.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its latest review of a Steel Panther concert (that took place in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in late September 2018):

“As previously mentioned, a Steel Panther concert is simply a lot of fun and I am always amazed at all the smiles in the audience during the entire show. In terms of Steel Panther‘s comedy routine, there seemed to be a bigger emphasis this time around on Satchel and Michael Starr promoting drug use (joking of course). There seems to be a fair amount of ad libbing on stage and Satchel usually tends to keep things current so it was funny to hear him announce that Tiger Woods was back on top before the group launched into their third song of the night — “Just Like Tiger Woods.” Of course, Satchel was referring to Woods finally winning a PGA golf event again after a five year drought. What was most impressive about the cover songs played by Steel Panther was how Starr handled them vocally. He sang in a lower register for the Scorpions classic “Rock You Like A Hurricane” so that his voice was close toe Klaus Meine on that one. He absolutely nailed Van Halen‘s “Panama” but I totally expected that given that he used to play in the Van Halen tribute band The Atomic Punks.”

Steel Panther TV‘s Cineminute ‘The Usual Suspects’:

Steel Panther TV presents: Cineminute “The Usual Suspects”

Who is Keyser Soze? We don’t fucking know…but, that didn’t stop us! Steel Panther TV presents: Cineminute “The Usual Suspects”Follow Steel Panther at:Off…