Steel Panther release video for track “Let’s Get High Tonight”

Steel Panther release video for track “Let’s Get High Tonight”

Steel Panther consisting of guitarist Satchel, lead vocalist Michael Starr, bassist Lexxi Foxx and drummer Stix Zadinia have released a video for their song “Let’s Get High Tonight” from their latest studio album Heavy Metal Rules.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Heavy Metal Rules:

“Sadly, there are more tracks that I consider skipping on Heavy Metal Rules than there are that I want to really listen to. “Let’s Get High Tonight” starts off pretty strong but the melodies during the verses are pretty lame and remind me of one of the weaker songs on Lower The Bar. It just feels like it’s already been done before by the band. When I first found out about the title of Steel Panther‘s latest album, I really thought that it was brilliant and long overdue since at just about every Steel Panther show, you can hear guitarist Satchel saying “Heavy Metal Rules.”

I would have thought that any song with that title would be the ultimate anthem for the band but instead it is arguably the most underwhelming song on the record. The chorus portion is about as strong as the ones for Judas Priest‘s tracks “Heavy Metal” or “Defenders of The Faith” off the Defenders of The Faith album. Sure, the song “Heavy Metal Rules” kicks it up a notch about halfway when Satchel‘s solo kicks in but by then, it’s too late. My interest is lost. I’ve already covered “Always Gonna Be A Ho” and “Gods of Pussy” so I won’t cover them again. Heavy Metal Rules ends with “I Ain’t Buying What You’re Selling” which is a half decent ballad but not the way that I want the record to end after a number of underwhelming songs.

Overall, Heavy Metal Rules is the weakest Steel Panther album to date. Even if you combined the best tracks on Lower The Bar and Heavy Metal Rules, they still would not match up to Feel The Steel or Balls Out, and that is a real concern for Steel Panther going forward. The witty lyrics are still there but the killer hooks and melodies that were so prevalent on the first two Steel Panther albums are just not always there anymore and it is really obvious on Heavy Metal Rules that the band has lost a little of its edge in that regard.”

Heavy Metal Rules is the first record from Steel Panther not to chart on Sleaze Roxx‘s year end album list and it only reached the #19 spot on the Sleaze Roxx Readers’ Top 20 Albums of 2019.

Steel Panther‘s “Let’s Get High Tonight” video:

Steel Panther – Let’s Get High Tonight [Official Video]

The official music video for the song Let’s Get High Tonight from the album Heavy Metal Rules. Get it at Fra…