Steel Panther teaming up with SkullsNBones to promote underground heavy metal

Steel Panther teaming up with SkullsNBones to promote underground heavy metal

Steel Panther, the metal rockers that have been proclaiming “Heavy Metal Rules” for more than a decade, have teamed up with the website SkullsNBones to promote underground heavy metal artists and bands.

SkullsNBones outlines how the promotion works:

“We Believe Heavy Metal Rules!

Steel Panther and SkullsNBones have teamed up to support underground heavy metal by bringing a ton of exposure to some awesome bands who submit their albums for review on this page. What kind of exposure? The best kind:

  1. Send us your record or EP
  2. If we think it’s good we’re gonna review it here on SkullsNBones and share it
  3. If we review it and Steel Panther likes it, they’re gonna share it
  4. If Steel Panther shares it, chicks are gonna love you and you’re gonna get laid*”

*SkullsNBones and Steel Panther cannot guarantee that you’re gonna get laid, even if everyone shares your shit.

(Heavy Metal) Rules (and conditions)

  1. 1 band, 1 album, 1 submission. You fuck with us you can get fucked. (the bad way)
  2. Singles & EPs are valid so please feel free to submit them.
  4. You can include some promo shots with the album if you want us to post them. Nudes are appreciated, but we’re probably not going to post them.

Bands can submit their albums, EPs or singles via SkullsNBones‘ website.

Steel Panther‘s fifth studio album titled Heavy Metal Rules will be released on September 27, 2019.

Steel Panther‘s “All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight)” video:

Steel Panther – All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight) Official Video

New Album, “Heavy Metal Rules”, available Sept 27th 2019!Pre-Order/Pre-Save/Stream: Steel Panther: Official site: http:/…