SteelCity and Kivel Records part company prior to release of band’s sophomore album ‘Mach II’

SteelCity and Kivel Records part company prior to release of band’s sophomore album ‘Mach II’

SteelCity‘s partnership with Kivel Records has come to an end just as the group is about to release its sophomore album Mach II in early 2020.

The following message was posted on Kivel Records‘ Facebook page yesterday:

“So it’s the last day of 2019. We had some ups and downs. However we never linger on either of those, as we always are striving to keep moving forward. We know this sounds cliché, however we are really looking forward to the new year coming up and making it the ROCKING 20s.

We have shows planned for a lot of our acts this year. Some shows are confirmed and some are yet to be announced (soon enough though). N.E.R.F III is being planned and we look forward to the annual shindig. We have new merch in the works for the new year and, of course, new releases!!!!

Now before we go on, we need to update people on one artist. No scandal, no hard feelings and no drama, but SteelCity and Kivel Records have parted ways. This was a mutual decision by both parties, and we have nothing but well wishes for Mike Floros and company as they solider on into the new year. We enjoyed the time we spent together with Mike, from the shows and the fantastic FORTRESS album run. We are proud to have had him a part of the team for as long as we did, and we are sure that when Mach II is released it will be well worth the wait for everyone. Make sure to pick it up and show your support for new and original music..

New Releases in 2020 from!

No LoveLostBliss” : We are set to record lead vocals for this album within the next month. We can honestly say that the guys have delivered a excellent arena rock album. *Early Spring Release

TANGO DOWN “#6” Basic tracking has finally begun!!! Expect the band’s sixth release late spring/early summer! It WILL satisfy the fans! We can promise you that!! People at N.E.R.F got a sneak ear peek of two new songs and they LIKEY!

Wild AmericaRoom Service“: The CT rockers are back for round 2 after the fantastic reception of their debut, ‘Gasoline‘. The band has already road-tested a few of their new songs for crowds in IL, CT and MA. The album is due for a Summer release just in time for N.E.R.F III. Keep an eye out for them as they will be hitting the road this spring/summer.

What else?! Well we cant say just yet…but expect three more soon to be announced releases for the new year. One of which will drop in February.

As always, thank you for the support of us and our bands, past, present, and future. Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

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