Steele Makes ‘Tricks Up My Sleeve 2012’ Album Available As Digital Download

Steele Makes ‘Tricks Up My Sleeve 2012’ Album Available As Digital Download

March 6, 2012

’80s metal/hard rock artist Steele are pleased to announce that a new edition of their album, ‘Tricks Up My Sleeve 2012’, is now available worldwide and DRM-free on iTunes,, and most other digital music stores.

Band leader Jeff ‘Steele’ Zugale says, “since we’ve now gone independent, all sales of the album now support ‘Steele’ directly, unlike previous releases. We hope that even if you’ve already got a copy of the 2011 CD release (or the rare original 1996 Brunette disc from Japan), you’ll also grab the digital version, which is priced as low as US$8.99.”

There are no current plans to release the new 2012 edition on CD, but if there is demand for a physical disc, the band will make it happen.

Steele’s next album entitled ‘Control’ is in the works and scheduled for a late 2012 release. “We’re hoping to have it ready for October,” says Jeff, “but of course it’s tricky to balance normal life with recording music these days. We’re not going to slap something together, we’re going to make sure ‘Control’ is as good as or better than ‘Tricks Up My Sleeve’. We’ll keep everyone in the loop as we progress on the tracks. Happily, the fans can help out directly; the best way to help us get Control out as soon as possible is to buy the ‘Tricks 2012’ digital download version.”

Steele is an 80s metal/hard rock band originally from New Jersey, now based in Los Angeles. Permanent members include lead singer/guitarist/songwriter Jeff ‘Steele’ Zugale and bassist Steve Witschel, with help from lots of friends like Ted Poley of Danger Danger, Hiro Homma from Japan’s EZO, Loudness and most recently Anthem, and Joe Fiamingo and Irene Wohlman of New Jersey rockers Xenon.

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